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Welcome to the 'new look' August edition of the BMTA Newsletter. It contains a lot of news which we hope will be of interest to you

Change of Officers and Committee

First and foremost there has been a complete change in the management of the Association. Hazel Morley resigned as Chairman, Susan Morley resigned as Treasurer and Claire Morley resigned as Secretary, all on 18 May, 2008.

The remaining members of the Committee also resigned “en bloc” immediately prior to a Special General Meeting requested by seventeen members of the Association and attended by thirty members of the Association on 19 May 2008

At issue was the proposal of the former Committee that the Association be merged into and become a sub-Committee of the Billericay Society. Under our Constitution which is being strengthened in favour of the Membership such a proposal would have required a two thirds majority of the Membership.

This radical proposal was not widely canvassed, however, and when it became clear that it would be strongly opposed, the Officers and the entire Committee resigned. The proposal was defeated by twenty seven votes to three at the Special General meeting and the Association lives on in its own right and not as a sub-committee of the Billericay Society!!

This is not to say, however, that the Association will not cooperate with the Billericay Society. It will and we look forward to reestablishing cordial relationships with the Society in the near future.