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Billerica  MA
The Town of Billerica is located 20 miles northwest of Boston and borders Lowell to the south. Incorporated in 1655, the town remained predominately agricultural until the mid-nineteenth century when a major mill complex was sited on the Concord River in North Billerica. Although a number of smaller industries grew up over the next 100 years, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the present day industrial base was established.

Today, Billerica is a major regional employer and home to several high technology firms, many of which are offshoots of companies along Route 128 to the south.

Currently Billerica has close to 40,000 residents, having grown rapidly from 10,000 residents in 1950. The majority of homes are located within residential subdivisions, although significant older neighborhoods exist in the town center, North Billerica, Pinehurst and Nutting Lake. The town is within minutes of Route 3 and Route 495, both major limited access highways.

The town has bus and train services provided by the Lowell Regional Transit Authority and the MBTA at North Billerica. The remnants of the historic Middlesex Canal, an outmoded mode of transport, traverse the town north to south.

Two rivers pass through town. The Concord River is a major regional water feature while the Shawsheen River meanders through the southerly part of town. Billerica is also the site of the Middlesex House of Correction, a significant town employer.  Even though much of Billerica has been developed, there are still significant parcels of vacant land which lend a certain rural character to many areas of town.


Northeastern Massachusetts, bordered by Carlisle and Chelmsford on the west, Lowell and Tewksbury on the north, Wilmington and Burlington on the east, and Bedford on the south. Billerica is 19 miles north of Boston, 23 miles northwest of Lynn, 45 miles northeast of Worcester, and 205 miles from New York City.

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